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T'Sara, daughter of A'morad, House Konjah, engineering

Her Vulcan mother, T'Laris, and Klingon father, A'morad, both diplomats, met during the 2344 negotiations shortly before the Battle of Narendra III ended Klingon-Romulan relations and solidified Klingon-Federation relations. (There's some debate whether this is the Second Khitomer Accords or not.) They had three children: Telok (a son who followed their parents into the diplomatic corp), T'Sara (b.2354), and K'Mor (a son who embraced his Klingon heritage and became a warrior).

T'Sara went into Vulcan Science Academy rather than Starfleet Academy due to the Federation-Klingon War. When the war ended, she entered Starfleet Academy in 2374 and graduated in 2378. Engineering specialty: either aerospace or warp field engineering (Note: this is still to-be-determined).

As typical for half-Klingons, she has noticeable brow ridges (more like B'Elanna Torres than K'Ehleyr), but also has Vulcan ears. This made her an object of teasing from children on either homeworld, but she developed a sense of humor to deal with it. Her father suggested she maintain calm when dealing with Vulcan children, to show she had greater control than they, and to be able to take down any Klingon schoolmate who thought she was weak (her Vulcan reflexes helped). "Out-Vulcan the Vulcans and out-Klingon the Klingons," as he put it. She is more comfortable in warmer climates, due to both lineages. On the other hand, she is a weaker telepath than most Vulcans, still able to Mind Meld and heal, just not quite as well as her fully-Vulcan peers. She is a vegetarian, and a decent kal-toh player.

T'Sara underwent kahs-wan at age 7, but was not betrothed, since her parents felt she'd need to make her own decisions about such things. At 13, she underwent the Klingon First Rite of Ascension, but did not perform the Second Rite of Ascension (since she's not a warrior). Whether she will experience pon farr is still an open question, since it may only occur in bonded Vulcans and her Klingon blood may mitigate it.

For the most part, she has a more Vulcan demeanor, if with a bit more verve than most Vulcans, but if something offends her very Klingon sense of honor she will react with appropriate emotion.

The CO who transferred her to DS9 had issues with her heritage, and refused to let her transfer out until a posting on DS9 opened up.

Code of Honor: Vulcan: Never give in to emotion; solve problems logically; violence breeds emotion Klingon: Always avenge an insult; never show cowardice Federation: Uphold policies and ideals of Starfleet, including PD

T'Sara Stats (still under construction)