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  • 2348: Wesley Crusher born
  • 2349: Harry Kim & B'Elanna Torres born
  • 2352: Thoris born
  • 2350s: Hostilities between the Federation and the Klingons
  • 2354: T'Sara born
  • 2354-2369: The director of the Vulcan Science Academy married a human
  • 2366: Harry, B'Elanna enter Starfleet. B'Elanna's teachers included Commander Zakarian (survival training) and Professor Chapman ("Old Sneezy" - engineering?)
  • 2367: Wesley enters Starfleet
  • 2367: Klingon civil war begins
  • 2368: B'Elanna drops out of the Academy
  • 2369: Kahless "returns" as a ceremonial leader (clone)
  • 2370: Lore's Borg incursions begin; Thoris enters Starfleet Academy
  • 2370: Wesley leaves the Academy
  • 2370: Harry Kim writes a polarizing editorial on the Maquis for the Academy paper, he later graduates
  • 2371: Voyager disappears; Defiant stolen by Maquis; James Kirk emerges from the Nexus and dies heroically
  • 2372: Enterprise-E launched
  • 2372-2373: Federation-Klingon war, a result of a Changeling replacing Klingon General Martok; Because of the tensions leading up to the war, T'Sara delays entering Starfleet Academy and enrolls in the Vulcan Science Academy instead
  • 2373 (late): Dominion War begins
  • 2374: Voyager reestablishes contact with Alpha Quadrant; Thoris leaves Academy to enter service; T'Sara finishes a two-year course at the VSA and enters Starfleet Academy
  • 2375: events of DS9 finale, including the end of the Dominion War and Kira Nerys getting command of DS9; Gowron killed and the real Martok becomes Chancellor; probable date of events of Star Trek: Insurrection; Thoris musters out and returns to the Academy
  • 2376: Thoris graduates from Starfleet Academy, two years later than expected
  • 2378: T'Sara graduates from Starfleet Academy
  • 2379: events of Star Trek Nemesis
  • 2381: Campaign starts (note: not bothering to bold from here down, since none of this is Trek canon)
    • T'Sara posted to DS9