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Star Trek Post-DS9 Game

Notes and such for Star Trek RPG we play in.

  • Basic notes from the GM (taken from e-mail dated 25 Nov 2009 -- the GM can update accordingly and remove this note)
  • Timeline (at this point, things the webmistress thinks are relevant, but others can add/subtract/change, at which point this note should be removed)
  • Some suggestions for an Andorian lexicon


Non-Player Characters (note: links are to Memory Alpha unless there's info specific to our game):


Federation Civilians

  • Dr. Julian Bashir, Chief Medical Consultant- Left Starfleet when he began a relationship with Ezri to avoid possible charges of fraternization [Non-Canon/GM's prerogative]

Non-Federation Civilians

  • Quark, Proprietor of, well, Quark's.
  • Elim Garak, Cardassian Tailor, and, it is rumored, something more... but nobody's saying.
  • Morn, Lurian trader and patron of Quark's.

Reference material: