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Rift Legion

The Rift Legion: Protecting the Multiverse From the Scum of the Earth

They've cycled through a few names -- Tomorrow Legion, Siege Avengers, Savage Legion, Psyscape, Freedom Legion -- but in the end, they went prosaic. Formed in the wake of a terrible defeat, not just in battle but of morality, the Rift Legion is a small but growing band of heroes dedicated to a single cause. Together, they fight against the predators who travel the Rifts in search of victims.

It sounds simple, and in a sense it is, but simple does not remotely equate to easy in this case. The Rifts open to any world imaginable, and a few unimaginable ones. Ruthless Splugorth, tentacled profiteers and conquerors largely incapable of empathy for "lesser" beings, overwhelm entire galaxies. Xiticix hives overrun worlds, consuming everything and insecti-forming planets in their image. Demon princes and vampire kings bestride worlds unready for their dark powers, crushing all resistance under horrific heels. Mechanical hordes gun down all who will not be converted. Worst of all, with tragic lack of surprise, are the humans and all their kin. The wizardry-hating Coalition States of America invades worlds where the supernatural and inhuman are accepted, raiding them for resources. The Federation of Magic retaliates with sorcerous terrorism aimed at the very souls of their enemies. Fallen schemers manipulate both sides, eager to help them along in their Descent. Super-villains prove far more than mere comic relief, terrorizing entire dimensions in service to their egos or extremism.

Against these endless horrors stand a relative handful of soldiers, adventurers, engineers, wizards, psychics, rebels, and heroes. There aren't enough Legionnaires to monitor every Rift. Fortunately, not even the mightiest alien horror can control the Rifts themselves, and those capable of opening their own portals between dimensions are much easier to detect than mere Rift-hoppers. This cuts both ways, requiring Legionnaires to follow invaders through Rifts if they wish to take them by surprise. Fortunately, forces capable of conquering nations, empires, and galaxies are much more likely to underestimate a rag-tag band of heroes. That's where you come in. The Rifts have come to your world. To defend it, you'll need allies. Fortunately, so do a lot of other people. Welcome to the Legion, D-Bee. Hope you survive.