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Widening Gyre

Widening Gyre: Rifts in Time

Reality is broken.

One Earth shatters, becoming a glorious ruin and a nexus of a million worlds. Another suffers from a fractured Gauntlet, its barriers between matter, spirit, and possibility cracking along the seams. A third, a world of champions and masterminds, is riddled with holes in the fabric of creation. A thousand more spin in the eternal void, unsuspecting of the horrors to come. From the Outer Darkness, ancient prisons are breached; among distant stars, rapacious empires look upon these Rifts and see commodity-victims; from ancient towers, Fallen overlords behold new worlds to conquer. Your worlds lie in the path of this widening gyre. Countless evils, hungers, and monstrosities travel the Rifts, seeking out prey.

What they do not know is, you are not prey. You are everything the hungers fear. Through genius, wisdom, or happenstance, you have found the threats to your worlds, and stand against them. And you are not alone. From mighty Castle Refuge, in the heart of the struggle to save "Chaos Earth," an alliance rises to fight the tide of shadow. They -- you -- are the Rift Legion, the best hope for the freedom of a million worlds.