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Changing Breeds

Changing Breeds: the Fera

The role of the Fera remains largely unchanged with the Reckoning. Only the Garou and Bastet survive in significant numbers, though none of their cousins have gone entirely extinct in the 21st Century. Of the rest, only the Corax and Mokole can be said to have a notable presence in the modern World of Darkness, but the other Changing Breeds would dispute this, regardless of their remaining populations.

The Garou Nation has put a stop to all conflict with their fellow shapeshifters. Individuals werewolves sometimes attempt to continue fighting the War of Rage, but such anomalies are swiftly and efficiently put down. This isn't to say that the Garou as a whole have apologized, but they're making the quietly more important effort of reparations, aiding their kin with recovery efforts. It's a slow, difficult process, not the least reason being that most of the other Changing Breeds don't trust their lupine cousins. Nevertheless, with the Wyrm quite possibly on the verge of triumph, everyone's put their differences more-or-less aside in the short term to ensure they can roar at each other later.