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Clann Fhaoilcheire's Caidan Event Calendar

NOTE: This page is hopelessly out of date :-). I'll start updating it if and when we start regularly attending events again.

This page used to have all of the events on Caid's calendar for as far ahead as were announced. Since members of the clan go to so few these days, and since maintaining this was getting redundant, I'm only listing events there's a chance someone in the clan will attend. For more information, see the Kingdom of Caid calendar.

More information on local events may also be found on the Dreiburgen events page. For more information on the geography, see the territories of Caid.

Please note that event designations are subject to change up to and including the last minute.

1. Official Clan presence
2. Unofficial Clan presence
3. No official Clan presence
4. Informational only (includes major events outside of mainland Caid)

(V) is (as far as I know) an official 5th Brigade muster
(RP) indicates expected Royal Presence
($) is the posted site fee for the event (only shown for #s 1 & 2)

Recurring items
Monthly, 2nd Tues. Dreiburgen Baronial Council
Monthly, 3rd Wed. Mons Draconis Canton Council
Monthly, 2nd Sun. Kingdom Herald's Meeting (with frequent exceptions)

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