[bells] You are cordially invited to share in our joy as we announce the weddings of [bells]

Muirghein Dhaire
Rodhlann Ó Ceallacháin


(Same people, different names ;-).)

First, welcome to those of you who found this page through an image search. Know that I take steps to prevent hotlinking to images on my site, and that I occasionally change image names and replace hotlinked images with something that will embarrass the hotlinker. I especially don't like people stealing our wedding picture. You have been warned :-).

Now, a brief history of the magic that has led us to these happy events.

We met in the news-group alt.callahans, and got better acquainted via our participation in a "play by e-mail" game that started as a thread in that group. This game has it's own web site, the Callahanian Army of Light. We still tend to refer to each other by the names we use in the CAoL -- Morgan and Roland.

[photo of Lorena and Peter] [photo of Lorena and Peter] In late May of 1997, we started corresponding outside of the game, and quickly realized that we were in love. In late June, Morgan flew to Connecticut to meet Roland in person, and we soon decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. These "engagement" photos were taken the day Morgan flew back to California, after a long, magical weekend. The one on the left was to show off our rings (they don't come across too well in the JPEG, though), and the one on the right is just us looking happy. As of this writing, the silly grins are still there :-).

Two months to the day after we decided we were officially engaged, Roland arrived in California to stay. Over the summer we had our characters in the CAoL fall in love, and they had a beautiful wedding in the faerie kingdom of Arcadia.

[the woods at Prado Regional Park] Our SCA personas (that's where the Muirghein and Rodhlann names come in) were officially betrothed in September 1997. Our persona (and legal) wedding was on Valentines Day 1998. We intended to have the ceremony in the woods in Prado Park, where Great Western War II was taking place. However, there was heavy rain for several days before the event (it was the bad El Niño season), and the woods became flooded. Fortunately, when we arrived on site Friday, the rain had stopped for the most part, and we arranged to have the wedding at sunset in the rapier field. It was a beautiful site overlooking the lake.

The next day, the skies opened up and drowned the park.

We arrived that morning to considerable rain, but were hopeful that it would end well before sunset. Though much of the event would be "rained out," if we had enough of a dry spell the wedding could occur as planned, and weather reports indicated that the rain would stop at approximately noon.

That estimate was later pushed back to two in the afternoon, then anywhere between three and five. After spending most of the day huddled in a tent, we finally decided to return home and have the ceremony there. Packing in the downpour was an adventure in itself, as the mud and wind threatened to knock over the clan's tents as it had several others. Fortunately, just as we were finishing up, we got a reprieve. The rain slowed, then stopped, and the winds slowed to manageable levels. This, however, resulted in another danger as the skies cleared, and as night fell we all eventually ended up at Chirurgeon's Point to avoid hypothermia. After warming up and drying off (and meeting a fellow Callahanian -- thanks, BetNoir!) the clan packed up and headed for our house.

We arrived at nine, got everyone into something dry, and promptly collapsed. We all ate, dried off, and rested. Finally, at eleven, we began to prepare for the ceremony. Those who had their fine garb with them changed clothes, Dylan was the ring-bearer, the clan chief presided, and the wedding was magical. We wanted to be married on Valentines Day, and we finished with ten minutes to spare!

[photo of ring]

Unfortunately, the plans to repeat our vows in a "traditional" ceremony have been indefinitely postponed. We had scheduled the ceremony for October '98, but financial considerations intervened. It is uncertain at this time when (or if) it will be rescheduled.

Updates: Enjoying *much* better weather than our wedding day, we spent our first anniversary at Disneyland (sans child :-). Our second and subsequent anniversaries have been simpler, spent either quietly at home or going out to dinner and maybe a movie. Of course, we celebrate every day, and those goofy just-fell-in-love smiles on the pictures from 1997 are still plastered on our faces. :-)

[Just Married 14 Feb 1998 button] Update 2008: We finally got a honeymoon, traveling to the Carmel, CA area in early February for our 10th anniversary. Details and pictures were posted to my LiveJournal.

Also for our trip, I made us a pair of buttons so people would know we're still "newlyweds" ;-).

Update 2012: This time, we tried something different: a virtual vow renewal. It was fun playing at wedding planning, but a lot less expensive and stressful :-).

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