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Greetings to you from Bantighearna Muirghein Dhaire, Lady of House Wolfestead and Seanachaidh of Clann Fhaoilcheire. (Note: "Morgan O'Daire" is still registered to me as an alternate name.)

House Wolfestead currently consists of myself, my lord husband Rodhlann Ó Ceallacháin, and our son Dylan. My lord and I were married on Valentine's Day 1998. It was an... interesting day, to say the least. The full story is on our wedding page.

  • Some of the members of our SCA clan have personas that are very well defined. Here are personna biographies for Muirghein and Rodlhann. These are works in progress, as changes in RL sometimes cause changes in persona histories.
  • A timeline of actual historical events of interest to us, along with what was happening with our personas at the time (moved to the clan site)
  • For our plans for the next few months, go to my calendar of Caidan events. (possibly moving to clan site)
  • Here's a photo of me in garb. This came from a 35mm snapshot, so it's not the greatest quality.

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